Institute Of International Leadership, Management and Theology (ILU Ghana)


A ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International forrAc by Cr. Bill and Vonerte Bngh: in 1951
Registered as a ncnproi: educational insmuoon zr.n the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). PeDabbC of the lonAccires
Accredited by
Asia Theological Association (ATA) Association for Theological Education in South East Asia (ATESEA) International Council for Higher Education (ICHE) Philippine Council for NGO Certification as a donee Mstitution
Program Recognized by: Commission on Higher Education (CHEF;, Republic of the Philippines Endorsed by: Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC) Authorized by Bureau of Immigration tin Republic of the Philippines, to accept foreign students Member of: Asia Graduate School of Theology Consortium
Association of Christian Schools, Colleges, and Universities (ACSCU) International Leadership Consortium (ILC)