Institute Of International Leadership, Management and Theology (ILU Ghana)

One year MTh by Extension

The leadership studies offered through IILMAT are relevant to the African context. To accelerate the development of leaders, the International Leadership Foundation (ILF) was set up as a professional  leadership development institution. ILF and IILMAT jointly sponsor short-term leadership trainings for government, business, professional and church leaders.  The Transforming Leadership and Governance Seminars (TLGS) focus on helping leaders experience personal life transformation, and obtain essential leadership skills to lead positive godlike change in society.  Those who complete the TLGS are given exemptions to take part in the Executive Certificate/Diploma in Leadership Programs.

The Theological Department is a special program mainly for Great Commission Staff and others in Christian leadership. It operates through the Institute of Biblical Studies (IBS) .The Institute of Biblical Studies provides essential biblical and theological education for Christian leaders who do not need, or cannot afford the demands of full degrees. The primary constituency that is served by this program is Great Commission of Ghana staff. The education is based on the developing Competencies for Theological and Contextual Education for staff that was developed by the International Leadership Consortium of which IILMAT is a member in partnership with Leadership Development and Human Resources  (LDHR) of Campus Crusade for Christ International. Those who complete the IBS are given exemptions to take the MTh  by Extension  program.

IILMAT is a Great Commission of Ghana’s Flagship Educational and Leadership Program in Ghana