Institute Of International Leadership, Management and Theology (ILU Ghana)


City University Concept 

ILU institutions of which IILMAT is linked with are located in the hearts of cities. This environment facilitates the engagement of faculty and students with influential leaders of society, as well as  contemporary leadership and governance issues.


Modular Approach to Education 

The Modular Approach to Education increases the networks of people who can  be educated through IILMAT. Adults who are actively employed can combine studies with their professional duties. The principle is to take leadership development to people where they are, instead of moving them away from their work and  communities to a local campus. We don’t intend to have residential facilities. We will rather have an elaborate decentralized mentorship structure with accredited mentors within the context of the students who will work hand in hand with the institution for competent leadership development in context.


IILMAT’S  m-Learning is based on allogy software technology. M-Learning puts  courses on smartphone chips. Students are able to learn through audio-video  recorded lectures on the chips. This does not require Internet access, and makes theological and leadership education available to pastors and other leaders in  less privileged communities across the continent.